University of València and Mediterraanean Citizens’ Assembly Foundation sign the General Action Protocol


The rector of the University of Valencia (UV), María Vicenta Mestre Escrivá and the president of the Mediterranean Citizens Assembly Foundation (FACM), Vicent Garcés have signed a General Action Protocol for common actions on February 12, 2021. A collaborative document between the parties, with an open nature, which will frame some common actions such as:

– Execution of research and development projects and programs, to be carried out between the Institutes, ERIS, Departments, Centers and other units of the UV and FACM.

– The promotion and support of the creation and operation of networks and research, innovation and knowledge transfer groups in any of the branches of common interest.

– Cooperation in training programs for research and technical personnel.

– Organization of conferences, seminars, training courses and other joint events.

– Mutual advice on issues related to the activity of both entities.

– Organization and execution of common activities related to the social promotion of research and technological development.

– To jointly promote knowledge of the social, cultural and political reality in Valencian society.

The aforementioned collaboration activities will be regulated by a joint commission that will monitor the implementation of the agreement and depend on the budget availability and allocation of specific funds by the Parties, as well as on obtaining external financing that enables its effective implementation.