Mediterranean Youth Council (CMJ)


Mediterranean Youth Council (CMJ) continues its journey:

The Mediterranean Youth Council is an assembly of 40 Mediterranean youth committed to defending the voice of Mediterranean youth.

It is made up of young and dynamic people from all over the Mediterranean region, from Kosovo to Cyprus, Lebanon, Palestine, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Spain, Italy and France.

“For us, the Mediterranean Youth Council is an opportunity to make our ideas heard, to convey messages through common actions, but also to engage in dialogue with local, regional and national authorities in our respective countries.”

The CMJ was officially installed on February 7 as part of the Mediterranean Worlds Forum that took place in Marseille on February 7 and 8, 2022.

The cross-cutting theme chosen by the members for 2022 is: “Building tomorrow: preparing young people for the future”.

The ACM Foundation is a founding and historical member of this initiative and is currently a member of the support / proposal and support committee, as a representative of the civil society network.

After Marseille and Seville, the last assembly took place in Santa Severa (Rome), from October 6 to 9. The reflections of the Mediterranean Youth Council focused on the present and future energy crisis, in which the FACM participates within the framework of these actions dedicated to youth. Discussions have focused on:
➢ Work on the issue of energy and the energy crisis.
➢ Work on environmental issues and climate change.