New publication: FACM 2020 Activity Report


Despite the pandemic …

In 2020, the FACM received two international awards that highlighted its
works in favor of the promotion of Human Rights and freedoms in the Mediterranean. The first was awarded by the Sarajevo International Peace Center (February 7, 2020, Sarajevo). The second prize is that of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean (as part of its General Assembly held in Athens February 22, 2020)
The FACM Advisory Council has been expanded, with the incorporation of Tunisian Dr. Prof. Emna Jeblaoui, director of the Institute For Human Development, and feminist activist Prof. Fatma Boufenik, member of the ACM Circle of Oran.
The FACM has launched several project as well as institutional agreements, and has continued its collaboration with different public and private Euro-Mediterranean institutions, and entities from the civil sector.
Within the framework of the 25th anniversary of the Barcelona process, the FACM published the book Mediterranean Inequalities, challenges of the XXI century of the historian and the former mayor of Valencia, Ricard Pérez Casado, member of the Advisory Council.

Read the ACM Foundation 2020 activity report .