Cultural Actions

Meeting “Mostra Viva del Mediterrani”
The MCAF sponsors and co-organise the International meeting “Mostra viva del Mediterrani” since its creation 7 years ago in Valencia, since this date, the MCAF supports it permanently as much financially than logistically. In 2019, the festival has been elected as a cultural strategic project during the “two Rives” Summit, celebrated in Marseille the last may, to promote a new boost to the Mediterranean cultural space. The MVM is, among other things, a platform which offers visibility to the MCA citizens circles. During the last edition, named “Mediterranean Month” the festival gathered artists from 20 Mediterranean countries. This edition also gathered members of the circles from Rabat (Morocco), Naples (Italy), Oran and Algiers (Algeria), Sarajevo (Bosnia), Thessaly (Greece), Ramallah (Palestine), Cairo (Egypt) and Valencia (Spain) who participated actively at the festival.

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Mediterranean heritage and citizenship
After the international seminary “Mediterranean Heritage and citizenship” organised, in Naples in October 2019, by the Italian association Periplii, the Naples MCA circle and the MCAF, the project will be continued organising sectorial meetings between the members of the MCAF network in the different cities of the MCA circles, to highlight fundamental questions regarding the Mediterranean material and immaterial Heritage, but also the historical memory as a destruction, a rebuilding and a recognition of the heritage under the perspective of the Mediterranean citizenship. This project, besides creating networks, will be used to promote the cultural diversity in the Mediterranean with workshops, seminaries, lectures, exhibitions…

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Itinerant exhibition “La mar d’ilustradas”
In 2019, The MCAF sponsored the exhibition “La Mar de ilsutradas” composed by the works of 18 women, painters, and cartoonists from all the Mediterranean basin. The exhibition was a part of the VII edition of “Mostra viva del Mediterrani”. In February 2020, the exhibition has been transferred to Sarajevo to be showed during the 36th edition of the International Festival Sarajevo Winter Festival, during the one the MCAF received the price Liberty/Sloboda rewarding its contribution to the promotion of Human rights, liberties and cultural diversity in the Mediterranean.

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Meetings and seminaries
The MCAF offers a program extended during all the year, with specific activities as Thematic lectures, book presentations, movie projections, exhibitions, forums, as organizer entity as much as a partner of other organisations.