Dissemination Actions

Between 2017 and 2019, the MCAF published the book dedicated to the 6 years of the FACM’s activity and the document treating about the MCAF’s Mediterranean citizenship. The MCAF collaborate on the edition of the Kavafis and Ibn Khafaya trilingual poetic anthology, the guide about refugees people, the study of the SAT tools, in addition to the publication of annual memories or the 7th meeting memory.
In 2020, the MCAF publish in French and in Spanish a book about inequalities in the Mediterranean, wrote by Ricardo Perez Casado, the 7th MCAF meeting memory and is preparing translations of Arabic texts which could be used to promote the Mediterranean cultural rapprochement. PUBLICATIONS.

Declarations, and interventions in summits, forums, and public consultations.
Another way to diffuse consists in publishing declarations and manifestos from the FACM’s Advisory Council periodically, suggesting public propositions, through programmed interventions. The MCAF participates regularly to the annual assemblies of ARLEM, PMA, Medcities, Euromed CES, EMUNI, Med Forum Anna Lindh, EuroMesco of the UfM. The Advisory Council writes also periodically declarations, published for the biannual meetings, but also during important socio-political events in the Mediterranean. The MCAF takes part in thematic forums and important summits to communicate its point of view, establishing itself as a mediator between the civil society and the euromediterranean institutions. Since 2016, the MCAF takes part in public enquiries about concrete bills, like the cooperation Law established by the Generalitat Valencian, or the European citizens initiative to promote the change the UE legal frame in terms of accommodation and asylum. These facet allows the opportunity to give visibility and promote the citizens participation in the public politics process. DECLARATIONS.

Plaidoyer Actions

  • The MCA Foundation assists to the 13th General Assembly of the Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly in Belgrade (21-22-02-2019). The MCAF’s President, Vicent Garcès, in front of the PAM, claimed for the citizenship’s protagonism: “The adopted resolutions will remain on a piece of paper if the citizens can not make them their own”.
  • The MCAF at the 10th summit of the ARLEM (Local and Regional Euromediterranian Assembly) in Sevilla (26-27.02.2019).
  • The MCAF reafirmate facing the annual assembly of the ARLEM its commitment with the Euromediterranean movement of solidarity with the exiled people.
  • The Facm participate in the XIX Annual Assembly of the REFAL in València (20-21.02.2019). The central axis of the XIX meeting of the Anna Lindh Foundation’s Spanish Network were the interculturality and the coexistence.
  • The MCAF takes part in the writing and the promotion at the European Parliament, of the Manifesto #Chart for a more solidary Europe (18.03.2019).
  • The MCAF takes part in the elaboration of the strategic recommendations from the Local and Regional Euromediterranean Assembly for 2019 (04.04.2019). The political end economical stability are the priorities of the Mediterranean region.
  • Publication of the recommendations adopted in the 10th ARLEM General Assembly celebrated in Sevilla.
  • The MCAF attend the International Conference # UfM4Education organised by the Union for the Mediterranean and the EMUNY university (12.04.2019). This is the first conference about higher education since the birth of the UfM in 2008. In this organisation, the 43 Mediterranean countries pretend generate “concrete and innovative recommendations to progress” in the recognition of the diplomas and qualifications between countries.
  • The MCAF in the regional Forum of the UfM. The youth and the civil society commit themselves to strengthen the practical cooperation and the development in the Mediterranean (24.05.2019). Vicent Garcés, MCAF’s President gave a speech reminding that the future of the Mediterranean oriental and occidental, women and youth was indissolubly unite and connected to the peace, the Human rights, the Social Justice and the mobility.
  • The MCAF presents its VII meeting in front of the Annual Conference EuroMesco (18.06.2019), dedicated to strengthen the role of Mediterranean youth, which gathered the principal Euromediterranean actors.
  • The MCAF took part in the Parliamentarian Assembly of the Mediterranean (PAM) summit in Ankara, which was dedicated to de population movements, security and migrations (21.06.2019). The MCAF was represented by the MCAF governing board member, the professor Aylin Ünver Noi, expert in International Relations. The MCAF is an observer member of the PAM, and a was the unique regional organisation taking part in this high level summit.
  • The MCAF was present at the Summit of the Two shores in Marseille (27.06.2019) with two projects: the festival “Mostra Viva del Mediterrani” and the VIII FACM’s meeting dedicated to the Mediterranean youth. MVM has been selected as one of the model cultural projects in the Mediterranean area.
  • The MCAF joins hundred organisations which sign the Manifesto to end the criminalisation of the solidarity with the refugees people, after the arrest of the arrest of Carola Rackete, captain of the rescue boat SeaWatch3, as an example of how it’s being criminalized to help migrants and refugees people (27.07.2019). 100 International organisations claims for emergent measures from EU.
  • To prepare the VIII meeting of the MCAF “Youth of the Mediterranean”, the MCAF’s president was travelled to Barcelona the 18th and the 19th of September, organising several meetings with the governmental representatives, but also with the members of the MCA circle of the city.
  • The project “Youth of the Mediterranean” which celebrate the VIII MCAF’s meeting has been presented in Brussels to the essential institutions of the Euromediterranean area. A citizens Diplomatic mission composed by the MCAF’s President Vicent Garcès and the Advisory Council member Geoffroy d’ Aspermont, who met the Parliamentarian Presidency Cabinet, but also the responsible of the Foreign actions services, the regions committee, the Arab League, the European Social and economical Council (CESE), the delegation of the Union for the Mediterranean’s (UfM) Parliamentarian Assembly, and the delegations from the Maghrebian countries, among others. (18-22-09.2019).
  • The MCAF takes part in the Euromed Summit 2019, organised by the European Social and economic Council (CESE), celebrated in Barcelona (22-23.10.2019). The summit was dedicated to the formation, the migrations, the digitalisation. These themes were treated under a double perspective: the Mediterranean, but also the global governance in the frame of Sustainable Development Goals for 2030. The MCAF’s President highlighted the importance of the “Citizen’s Diplomacy” as a peace factor and a condition for the rapprochement of the Mediterranean people.
  • In 2019 The MCAF took part in the General Assembly of the Mediterranean cities Network MedCities, celebrated in Tunis (27-28.11.2019) which gathered all the cities of the network, and also the observer members as the MCAF. The MCAF’s President Vicent Garcés, declare in front of the Assembly: the MCAF provide the conclusions and the recommendations of its VIII meeting, for the Cities network Medcities. This meeting, celebrated in Barcelona during the last November, gathered youth from more than 18 countries and 26 cities from all the basin. We also propose to share the study about inequalities realised by the foundation. These materials can be useful to think new strategies, alliances and synergies with the perspective to build a sea composed by prosperity for all its people”.
  • COP25- For a Food-system transition in the Mediterranean For the occasion of the Climate Change ConfereCOP25 celebrated in Madrid (December 2019) and facing the climatic emergency, especially in the Mediterranean region, the MCA Foundation claim for the implementation an agricultural and food processing transition in the Mediterranean. The MCAF’s posture is resumed in this article wrote by the MCAF’s President, Vicent Garcés, and details the Declaration made by the MCAF which was supported by more than 60 International organisations.