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The Mediterranean Citizens´Assembly Foundation (MCAF) is a network that promotes the citizen dialogue, proposals and actions. The MCA Foundation encourages democratic values of freedom, peace and respect for diversity, as well as environmental responsibility in the Mediterranean. The MCAF is committed to the emergence of a Mediterranean Community of Peoples.

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Since 2008, a group of Mediterranean citizens have committed to work towards the emergence of a Mediterranean community of peoples. In order to do so, they launched the development of a Mediterranean Citizens’ Assembly. In this first step, they elaborated a founding text, basis of this Founding Charter.

The process is founded on the democratic values of freedom, peace, respect for cultural diversity and environmental responsibility. It aims to favour the emergence of a common voice and a common citizens’ action, thanks to permanent communication using novel tools and methods.

This initiative, which is complementary to other existing undertakings, nevertheless rests entirely on one observation: it is mainly through the action and involvement of citizens, both men and women, that a united and positive “community of destiny” will be set up in the Mediterranean.

The Mediterranean Citizens’ Assembly Foundation is not limited to the select few. On the contrary, this collective approach needs to bring together and, even better, to gain the support of a large number of people, from all strands of society.


The MCA Foundation wishes to work towards the following objectives:
• Work towards a shared and concerted governance, adapted to the Mediterranean region.
• Strive to break the isolation of countries that are still too confined within their national boundaries, or excluded for economic and political reasons – particularly in the South and East of the Mediterranean.
• Contribute to building a sustainable Mediterranean area of peace, development, solidarity and shared prosperity between its peoples.
• Work towards overcoming mutual fears to give a sense of human, political, cultural, environmental and economic unity to a community of Mediterranean peoples once again.
• diagnose the major changes underway and identify the major challenges of the future
• Build common perspectives taking into account the existing socio-professional and geographic diversity and different points of view.
• Base democracy on common values, interests, challenges and commitments.


The working method put in place for the organization of the ACM is composed as follows:

• The Governing Board of the foundation.

• The Advisory Council is formed by volunteers from the Mediterranean region. Its main responsibility is the promotion of the process.

• The MCA Circles are designed as places of local and open dialogue between citizens.

• The MCAF Secretariat is today established in Valencia (Spain).

The MCA Foundation is a medium and long term process that claims to meet all different sectors of the society: citizens’ movements, public and private institutions, companies, associations, unions, experts, universities, research centers etc.. To develop dialogue between citizens’ perspectives, the emergence of priorities, common strategies, concrete proposals that can be used, inter alia, to direct political action in the Mediterranean region. The first MCA Meeting took place in July 2010 in Valencia (Spain).

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