Advisory Council. Composition


BALTA, Paul (France). Journalist and writer specialized in Middle East and Mediterranean, (1929-2019).

MATVEJEVIC, Predrag (Croatia). Essayist, (1932-2017).

MORIN, Edgar (France). Philosopher.

RULLEAU, Claudine (France). Writer.

SPAHIC, Ibrahim (Bosnia and Herzegovina). Writer and poet, CEO and Founder of Sarajevo International Winter Festival and International Peace Center ByH.


AZAB, Lamiss (France).  Political scientist and translator, professor at the University of Menton.

BALAWI, Hassan (Palestine). Diplomat, Responsible for bilateral relations with Belgium and Luxembourg.

BAÑON, Lola (Spain). Doctor in journalism. Journalist and professor at the University of Valencia, specialist in the Middle East.

BOUFENIK, Fatma (Algeria). Proffesor- Researcher at Mohamed Ben Ahmed University – Oran 2. Expert in Gender and Economic Development. She is an active activist in the feminist movement and for civil and egalitarian rights.

BOUSSOIS, Sebastien (France). Doctor in political science, specialist in the Middle East.

CIVICI, Adrian (Albania). Economist. Dean of the doctoral school of the European University of Tirana.

COUSTILLIÈRE, Jean François (France). Rear Admiral (2s) and President of JFC Conseil.

D’ASPREMONT, Geoffroy (Belguium). Administrator at the European Institute of Research on Mediterranean and Euro-Arab Cooperation (MEDEA).

DONZELLI, Maria (Italy). Professor of History of Philosophy at the “Orientale” University of Naples. President of the Association “Peripli-Culture e Societa Euromediterranee”.

DRIS, Louisa (Algeria). Lecturer at the Faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Algiers.

DRISS, Ahmed (Tunisia). Professor of International Relations at the University of Tunis. President of the CEMI (Center for Mediterranean and International Studies).

ENRIQUEZ, Eugène (France). Sociologist. Professor emeritus of the University Paris VII.

EL OUMRI, Touria (Morocco). Feminist activist. President of the Association épanouissement Féminin.

GARCÉS, Vicent (Spain). President of the Mediterranean Citizens’ Assembly Foundation; Honorifical President at Mostra Viva del Mediterrani; Former Member of the European Parliament.

GIRARD, Margot (France). Lawyer specializing in communication. President of the Selena Women Welfare Association in Aix-en-Provence.

GOUSSIOUS, Dimitri (Greece). Researcher in socio-economics at the University of Thessaly, Vólos.

GRAU I SEGÚ, Martí (Spain). Historian and Political scientist at the European Parliament. Former Member of the European Parliament. Curator at the House of European History (Brussels).

GURI, Fatmir (Albanie). Lecturer at the Agricultural University of Tirana.

HACHED Farah (Tunisia). Lawyer, Founder-President of “Labo Démocratique”, Member of the board of directors of Mahmoud el Materi University.

JEBLAOUI, Emna (Tunisia) Dr. Professor of Islamic Studies at University of Manouba, Director of IDH Institut de Développement Humain.

KAWAKIBI, Salam (Syria).Political scientist, associate professor at the University of Paris. Research.

MARIANI, Maurizio (Italy). Expert in economics and environment. President of RISTECO.

MIKAIL, Barah (France). Researcher specialized in the Middle East and North Africa. Professor at St. Louise University (Madrid).

PECORELLA, Veronica (Italy). Director of Communication and Marketing at the Mediterranean Institute of Certification (IMC).

PÉREZ CASADO, Ricard (Spain). Doctor of History and a Bachelor of Political Science. Former Mayor of Valencia.

PIZZORNI FLORENCE (France). General Curator for Heritage at the Ministry of Culture (France) and the MUCEM museum. Associative activist in the Heritage protection area, the environmental area and intercultural dialogue.

POUTSIAKAS, Nikolaos (Grèce). Sociologist and ethnologist. Regional councilor of Thessaly (Social Affairs).

SOLOMONIDES, Angélique (Cyprus).  Lawyer and specialist in international relations.

ÜNVER NOI, Aylin (Turkey). University professor. Expert in International Relations.

WARSCHAWSKI, Michael (Israel). President of the Alternative Information Center  in Tel Aviv.