Social Actions

Euromediterranean movement of solidarity with the exiled people.
In 2018, the MCA foundation in cooperation with the Lebanese entity AMEL and the French SAMU Social, published the Manifesto for the solidarity with the exiled people. The objective of this manifesto is elaborate an euromediterranean movement of solidarity, dignity and humanity with the refugees people, knowing the legitimate emergency to promote the citizens mobilisations, to multiply them in order to develop actions which copes the suffering of billions of exiled people, and generate reflection about the current migration policies. This movement gather more than 100 international entities and has an increasing number of regional meetings between the signatories’ network and members of the MCAF circles. The meetings which have been organised during 2018 and 2019 were in Athens, Rome, Paris and Beyrouth.

Education in Human Rights as a tool for the inclusion of refugees people. 
In 2019, the MCA Foundation published the document “Guide, a proposition from the refugee people to promote inclusion”. This edition, framed in the project “Education in Human Rights as a tool for the inclusion of refugees people”, is developed by the MCAF and sponsored by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This project gathered 15 refugees living in Spain, a group of experts specialized in migration questions, and members of organisations dedicate on accommodation and inclusion of refugee people. The intention of this document is that it could be used as reference point by the public administrations and educative centres.

Development of the propositions emitted during the VIII meeting “Youth from the Mediterranean” celebrated in Barcelona, between the 7th and the 10th of November 2019.
Some of the propositions brought by the youth participants from 18 different Mediterranean countries during the VIII MCAF meeting, which was focused on the youth situation in the region, will be evaluated to be developed as initiatives during 2020.
Supporting the projects and the activities of the MCA circles
The MCAF supports permanently the initiatives and the local projects from its circles network. With this idea, the MCAF sponsored different local activities with economical help as much as supporting them in the international diffusion of the actions.