Vicent Garcés at the PAM Plenary: “The adopted resolutions will remain on a piece of paper if the citizens can not make them their own”


The ACM Foundation, as an observer member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean (APM), is attending its 13th General Assembly that is being held in Belgrade (21-22 february), at the headquarters of the Serbian National Assembly.

The president of the FACM, Vicent Garcés has intervened in the framework of the third PAM Commission of the on Dialogue of Civilizations and Human Rights in the Mediterranean. Garcés addressed to the parliamentarians coming from all the countries of the region -which is a historical, human, cultural and political space shared by the FACM-, and pointed out “the need for institutional representatives do not forget that their democratic legitimacy comes from the citizens, noting that the FACM practice citizen diplomacy through dialogue, proposal and action “.

Garcés has alluded to the set of resolutions adopted by the PAM warning that “they will remain on a piece of paper if the citizens and peoples can not be made their own, and that the economic and social inequalities that do not stop growing can be reduced”. 

The president of the FACM has denounced the conversion of the Mediterranean into a cemetery and the need for solidarity with migrants and refugees. “More solidarity and less walls; more HH.RR and less racism and xenophobia”.

The FACM has presented to the attendees 4 key projects for the year 2019: 1) the Master in HH.RR in the Mediterranean that develops in collaboration with the Euro-Mediterranean University Institute EMUI; 2) the meeting on cultural heritage in the Mediterranean to be held in October in Naples; 3) the Euro-Mediterranean movement of solidarity with people in exile, to which more than a hundred international organizations have joined; and 4) the VIII ACM meeting that this year will deal with the situation of youth in the Mediterranean. Both the PAM and the FACM have agreed to reinforce the collaboration as they share the analysis and the different proposals from its scope of action.

During the Plenary Session, in the framework of the Standing Committees, PAM parliamentarians were review the reports and vote to adopt the draft resolutions on the priority issues for the Euro-Mediterranean area, among which, political and security developments in the MENA Region, the new threats represented terrorism, economic cooperation and trade facilitation, as well as a draft resolution on climate change, the Global Compact for Migration and the promotion of Human Rights.