ACM Foundation Representatives at the Charta 2020 workshop: Towards the definition of European public goods


Representatives from the Rome and Beirut circles of the Mediterranean Citizen’s Assembly Foundation (MCAF) participated to a workshop at the European University Institute (EUI), in February 2019. They contributed to the drafting of the Charta 2020, together with a wide range of European citizens, journalists, academics, …

Charta 2020 is a European project, presented within the Agora Europe (, aiming at building a European political space and defining 20 European public goods (or objects of political desire). This project has been initiated by Rui Tavares and Caterina Di Fazio.

During the workshop, at the EUI, the representatives of the MCAF circles particularly contributed to the section of the Charta 2020 dedicated to migrations. Within this framework, they provided a wide range of inputs including the values promoted by the Euro-Mediterranean Movement of Solidarity with Persons in Exile, in particular the importance of having a human rights-based approach, when it comes to migrations, based on the European pillars of dignity, solidarity and humanity. ACM Foundation and its ACM circles from m Palestine, Beirut, Thessaly, Cyprus and Rome are part of the Euro-Mediterranean Movement of Solidarity with Persons in Exile, launched by Amel Association International ( and Samusocial International (

As for the Charta 2020, the MCAF circles representatives are currently contributing to its finalization. They will join the Charta’s launching event, in March 2019, in Brussels. The Charta 2020 will then be sent for signature to all the candidates for the European elections which will take place in May 2019.

The Charta 2020 and Agora Europe processes are key contributions in the development of a Euro-Mediterranean citizenship, which is one of the missions of MCAF. Within this framework, the participation of MCAF circles allows citizens to shape the future of the region and to engage with politics on different priorities including migrations, environment, culture, economy, …