IX FACM meeting Summary


The Mediterranean Citizens’ Assembly Foundation (FACM) held its IX meeting in Valencia from November 11 to 14, 2021, placing the situation of millions of Mediterranean citizens at the center of the international political agenda, a decade after the “Mediterranean springs”. The proposals of this meeting, in which citizens from twenty Mediterranean countries participated, will be widely disseminated among the main Euro-Mediterranean institutions.
On this occasion, under the title “From a divided Mediterranean to a shared Mediterranean: a decade of citizen resistance”, a major interdisciplinary debate was organized on the situation in the different Mediterranean countries.
The participants, together with specialists, public institutions and civil society representatives, took stock of the citizen movements known as “Mediterranean Springs” and their attempt to evolve towards more just, democratic, sustainable and cohesive societies.
The new perspectives derived from the Covid-19 pandemic and its negative effects on the population, the economy and society were also examined.
We are pleased to share with you the memory of this meeting, which contains the conclusions and recommendations of the four agoras and the contributions of the institutional representatives who participated in the event.
Diagnoses and proposals on the future of the peoples of the Mediterranean, based on knowledge of the realities of our region. We seek a common future of Mediterranean integration, in all its diversity, with our citizenship, for a dignified, humane and united Mediterranean.