FACM campaign of commitment to the symbolic Mediterranean Citizens’ Card


The Mediterranean Citizens Assembly Foundation (MCAF) is a network that promotes dialogue, proposals and action, as well as respect for cultural and environmental diversity in the Mediterranean. Its essential vocation is to strengthen the emergence of Mediterranean citizens as decision-makers of their own destiny.

Since its beginning in 2010, this initiative has taken on the challenge of bringing together, in a single forum and around the same principles and values, hundreds of citizens from diverse socio-professional backgrounds and from all Mediterranean countries.

During these ten years of “citizen diplomacy”, the MCAF has forged a tightly woven web of Euro-Mediterranean relations, at the heart of which are the 29 Citizens’ Circles in 19 Mediterranean countries.

About 1,000 citizens have signed the FACM’s Charter. And to celebrate the tenth anniversary and in recognition of your support, the FACM is pleased to send you the symbolic Mediterranean Citizens’ Card. A document which, encourages you to continue working for regional integration, mutual recognition, respect for human rights, peace and progress of the Mediterranean peoples.

The Founding Charter can be read in several languages at: https://fundacionacm.org/es/all-founding-charter/

The Founding Charter can be signed at Signer la Charte | Fondation ACM (fundacionacm.org)

And we invite the citizens who have already signed up to extend the signature each in their own area.

Towards a Mediterranean community of peoples!!!