Report: I Mediterranean Congress “Music and Science”


In its first edition, on 27 and 28 November 2020, the central topic of the Mediterranean Congress “Music and Science” is the use of ICTs on the Covid stage, as the situation of Pandemic has forced science and music, disciplines that require intense teamwork, to transfer much of their work to the Internet.

The results obtained were as follows:

1. Reaffirm the innovative nature of the activity: This conference responds to one of the great challenges of our societies in the postcovid scenario which is online work in eminently practical disciplines such as music and science.
2. The use of ICT: Precisely the online development of the entire congress allows the participation of a wide range of speakers from twenty Mediterranean countries that have contributed a decisive international character to the event, focusing on the richness and variety of content and views.
3. Improve the methodology of online work in science and music.
4. Encourage a spirit of companionship in emergency situations.
5. Strengthen new labor ties, possible with the generalization of online work.

These objectives have been achieved with the selection of speakers in this first edition from 8 Mediterranean countries: · Algeria · Bosnia and Herzegovina · Spain · France · Greece · Italy · Morocco · Tunisia.

Each of the speakers, experts and researchers, and students have presented and shared interrelated experiences in different languages, with translation facilities (Valencian, Spanish, English, French, Italian) and binding on six topics: MUSIC: Online rehearsal techniques, Optimization of practice in the absence of face-to-face classes, and Improvisation and musical current events in isolation; SCIENCE: Methods of exchanging ideas in isolation, Experimental work during quarantine, and Didactics of sciences in the absence of face-to-face classes. The papers, synthesis and conclusions are included in the next report of the congress.