ArtiviSme | Forum: Youth and Climate in the Mediterranean+25


The MCA Foundation takes part and collaborates in the organisation of the Forum: Youth and Climate in the Mediterranean+25

This three-days encounter, which will be held the 9 to 11 December, is organised by Generalitat the Cataluña. It will gather organisations, entities, associations and networks led by youth, as well as individual young activists from the Euro-Mediterranean region in order to jointly discuss, reflect and develop actions towards the climate crisis in the Mediterranean.

The Forum promotes North-South cooperation and anticipates the participation of 150 to 200 young individuals from both shores of the Mediterranean, and will consist of a series of workshops, discussion sessions, round tables and activities, as well as plenary sessions to exchange results and draw up conclusions.

The Forum will address the subject from social, political, cultural, scientific and artistic perspectives working on six thematic workshops related to climate.


FACM ARTIVISM WORKSHOP the 10th of December at 12:30pm:

Culture, art and environment to help prevent and overcome the isolation caused by the pandemic through the action of civil society.

The goal is to bring together young representatives of some of the projects promoted by the FACM in favor of sustainability, where art, research and culture are used as tools of resistance of citizens in times of climatic, economic, social and sanitary emergency.

Moderator: Oussama Nouri, young scientist from Tunis


Several youngsters and projects will participate:

– From Algiers (Algeria) Presentation of RAVMED, the first virtual residency for artists in the Mediterranean, with the participation of two students from the University of Fine Arts of Algiers: Lina Khelifa and Tobbal Fairouz Zhor. An initiative that gives visibility to artists from the Mediterranean region, as well than to offer online methodologies for the training of students of Fine Arts and artistic high schools. RAVMED had its first edition with the participation of 45 artists who have made artistic productions that deal with COVID-19. This project is sponsored by the FACM in order to be carried out under the best conditions. The final result of the first edition of the residency can be seen in a virtual exhibition.

– From Naples (Italy) The ACM circle of Naples and the association Péripli present: the video of the conference “Mediterranean Heritage and Citizenship” (Naples, October 2019), a second video made by young Neapolitan theatre artists during the period of isolation last spring and the experience of the Neapolitan artist – singer and musician – Maria Cerbone, known as “la Zingarina”. Clara Bocchino, actress, will present the videos and the main artists.

– From Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) presentation of the “Mediterranean Congress: Music and science, the use of ICT in the Covid scenario”. The theoretical physicist and pianist, Ali Esquembre, congress coordinator will highlight the synergy of the two experimental disciplines and how to overcome the isolation caused by the pandemic.

– From Valencia (Spain) The executive producer of MOSTRA VIVA DEL MEDITERRANI, Gustavo Pérez Colomer presents the proposals for what has become the great meeting of the cultures of the Mediterranean which, this year, despite the pandemic, brought to Valencia from 14 countries in the region under the slogan “Mediterranean emergency: citizenship in resistance”. The FACM is co-organizer and sponsor of the Festival.

– From Podgorica (Montenegro), one of the main actors in the play ANTIGONA 2.0, Filip Cukovic, shows how the pandemic allowed a group of high school students and their teacher to reinterpret the Greek classic and turn it into a rock opera which raises awareness of freedom, “gender, migration or sexual diversity”. An initiative which has become a network project in several Mediterranean countries and which was launched by the FACM.

– From Nador (Morocco), Marjan Amakhtari, the coordinator of the social and sustainable Nador project: « together we are building a context that promotes intercultural dialogue and the social inclusion of migrants. Sustainability and sustainable cities? »  will present the work carried out on this subject under the gaze of young people.

– From Rome (Italy), Ana Helena Pinto, a young participant of the workshop “Food Wave – Empowering Urban Youth for Climate Action” will present his experience and conclusions. This workshop was organized by the Eating City entity with which the FACM cooperated.


FACM also has prepared a cultural column that will be visible throughout the forum. Click to visit