Mr. Garces, MCAF President: “The Human rights are accompanied of responsibilities which have to be socially promote with an egalitarian perspective”


The  Mediterranean Citizens’ Assembly Foundation took part in the webinar organised by the Parliamentarian Assembly of the Mediterranean and the Platform for Development, about the protection of the Human Rights in a Post-Covid context.

The conference gathered more than 80 participants with numerous parliamentarians of all the Mediterranean region. The president of the MCA Foundation, Mr. Vicent Garcès, presented the MCAF as a network of dialogue, action and proposition, which is present in 19 countries trough its 29 MCA circles, and congratulate the organisers for their initiative sharing voices of cities, regions, parliaments and citizens. “I take advantage of this space to announce the publication of  “Desigualdades mediterráneas, reto del siglo XXI” by Ricard Pérez Casado, that the MCAF published in spanish and french respectively with the publishing houses Catarata and Cygne. This essay observe that the inequalities are increasing between the countries and inside the borders of these countries. These inequalities, in this period of pandemic, are destabilising the sanitary systems and the resources of citizens.

During and after the pandemic, the inequalities became an essential point to fight against. The defence of Human Rights is crucial in this period. The Human rights are accompanied of responsibilities  which have to be socially promote with an egalitarian perspective. Otherwise, the democrracy is in danger and we will not reach the peace”.