MCAF and AVEC- Alliance of Euro-Mediterranean cultural cities- Network sign an agreement to promote projects on Mediterranean Heritage and citizenship


The Mediterranean Citizens’ Assembly Foundation and the AVEC- Alliance of Euro-Mediterranean cultural cities- Network sign a cooperative agreement to promote common projects, in particular in the field of Heritage and the Mediterranean citizenship.

The objective of this program is to reinforce the presence of the Civil society actors in the Heritage and culture sectors, amateurs and experts, from all the Mediterranean basin. It will create the conditions to lead an action in the field in order to restore and reinvigorate the Heritage of the different Mediterranean countries. In a Knowledge-transfer society, the institutions traditionally responsible of this mission are no long exclusive in this field, and sometimes, are not able to pursuit this mission. In this case, it´s essential that the Civil society take over this theme.

One of the main objectives of this program is to start and support a project which includes, in the next years, territorial meetings in different Mediterranean countries where the question of cultural actors is approached, and actions with the objective of promoting the Mediterranean Citizenship.

These transversal regards between citizens, political leaders and professionals (curators, researchers, cultural mediators) will enable the implementation of local workshops, for the purpose of:

-Redefine the Heritage value of “objects” – Alive and actives material or immaterial- and the spaces of valorisation for the heritage, identify the Mediterranean “cultural landscape”.

-Draw attention to the citizen’s initiatives, to promote the identification of the significant heritage, the collect of the collective local memory, their valorisation in a dynamic which integrate them in the construction of a better quality of life, and in the construction of a societal project for the future.

-Encourage the merger between the professionals using the local institutions and proposing the expertise of the AVEC’s and FACM’s members.

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-Mobilize the decisions-makers to make possible the realisation of these actions, according to the diversity of the forms of citizen’s participation, and the diversity of the projects which objective is reach this participation.

This project follows on the international meeting: Mediterranean Heritage and citizenship: destruction, rebuilding, preservation of memories and citizen’s participation, that the FACM in collaboration with the association Peripli and the circle of Naples organised in Naples in October of 2019. This symposium intended promote a critical reflexion but also design a guidance perspective to rebuild the Heritage of the different spaces in the Mediterranean Sea, under the assumption that in a Knowledge-transfer Society, the institutions traditionally responsible of this mission (schools, universities, libraries, etc…) are no long exclusive in this field, and, often, for different reasons, they fail in their specific mission. The next edition will be held in Larissa (Greece) in october, 2020.

The agreement with the AVEC, has been signed in Malta, coinciding with the General Assembly of the Network, which gathered cities and territorial collectivities of the Euro-Mediterranean space, operators chosen and working for these institutions, research and study organisations, from historical territories, owners of an important Heritage with the aim to use this Heritage as a vector of local and sustainable development.