International Seminar, ‘Mediterranean Heritage and citizenship destruction-reconstruction | memory preservation | citizen participation’.

A meeting organized by the ACM Foundation in collaboration with the Peripli Association in which 13 Mediterranean countries participated.

In his speech, the president of the MCA Foundation, Vicente Garcés, highlighted the need to promote a critical reflection, capable of opening new perspectives to rebuild the heritage of the different Mediterranean areas. A debate that contemplates the analysis of the different forms of citizen participation and their role in the recovery of local and collective memory.

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Between October 4 and 6, specialists, researchers, restaurateurs, institutions and civil society have encouraged the promotion of dialogue between Euro-Mediterranean cultures. In the sessions, synergies have been created to boost the awareness of a Mediterranean citizenship through meetings and activities such as those organized by the MCA Foundation, spread throughout the Mediterranean area. Concordances that become the action and that directly involve citizens.

Among the Institutions’ representatives who have participated in the Seminar, the presence of Juan Andrès Perellò Rodriguez, Spain’s ambassador to UNESCO, Maria Donzelli, president of the Peripli Association / member of the MCA Foundation Advisory Council. Donzelli has expressed the desire to ‘mobilize so that culture and its assets are the fourth pillar of sustainable development. We want to promote citizens ‘awareness of the vital importance of collective memory and the interconnections of cultures.’

The Seminar has had the institutional support of the Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly, UNESCO, the city hall of Naples, among others. Members of the MCAF Advisory Council, the MCA circles of Naples, Casablanca, Nice, Algiers, Palestine, Marseille, Valencia, Sarajevo, Syria, Paris, Thessaly, among participants from Cairo, Rabat, Tirana or Tunisia, as well as members of the MCAF Governing Board.

Margarita Belinchón, Director of the Museum of Natural Sciences and member of the MCAF Governing board; the director of the Museum of the History of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Elma Hodzic, member of the MCA circle of Sarajevo; the researcher Carlos Tachos – MCA circle of Thessaly; the Palestinian diplomat Hassan Balawi, member of the MCAF Advisory Council; the cultural manager Zine Eddine Seffadj from the MCA circle Algiers; the writer Nadir Benmatti – MCA circle of Nizza, the Uv Professor Malika Eddakhch, from MCA circle Rabat; political scientist Salam Kawakibi, MCAF Advisory Council, or the researcher, Nicoletta Stendardo from the MCA circle in Marseille.

The Seminar concluded with the firm proposal to continue working, to expand contributions, commitments, to continue studying the ways of preserving the memory of the Mediterranean and the lines of citizen participation. The participations, made very clear the proection of the Mediterranean common herritage and the social, identity and cultural cohesion of their peoples.