LIVE: Openning and closing sessions | FACM IX Meeting



09:00 – 10:30 Opening session auditorium (broadcast via streaming)

  • Albert Moncusí, Dean Faculty of Social Sciences, University of
  •  Joan Ribó, Mayor of València
  • Vicent Garcés, President of the ACM Foundation
  • Representative of the Generalitat Valenciana
  • Sergio Piazzi, Secretary General of the Parliamentary Assembly
    of the Mediterranean (PAM)
  • Josep Canals, Secretary General of the Network of Mediterranean Cities Medcities
  • Blanca Moreno-Dodson, Director of the Center for Mediterranean Integration (CMI)
  • Ioannis Vardakastanis, President of the Euromed Follow-Up European Economic and Social Committee (EESC)
  • Christophe Rouillon, Representative of the Euro-Mediterranean Regional and local Assembly (ARLEM)


17:00 – 18:00 Closing session and reading of the FACM Advisory Council
statement (retransmitted in streaming).

  • Vicente Domingo, Director of World Sustainable Urban Food
    Centre of València – CEMAS
  • Maria Àngels Roque , Director of the Area of Mediterranean cultures and civil society at the European Institute of the Mediterranean IEMed
  • ACM Foundation Advisory Council
  • Vicent Garcés, President of the ACM Foundation