MCA Foundation at the CIHAR’s gold medals ceremony


On 10.09.2021, MCA Foundation participated in the annual meeting of the CIHAR (Círculo hispanoárabe) in Madrid, at the headquarters of Casa Árabe, on the occasion of its presentation of gold medals to personalities, institutions and organizations that have actively participated in the promotion of the Arabic language and Hispano-Arab relations. The FACM is part of the consortium of institutions and entities of the World Year of the Arabic Language 2021, organized by the CIHAR.
FACM president, Vicent Garcés participated in the event, as well as representatives of Casa Árabe, the president of CIHAR, Abdo Tounsi, Nour Larbi – vice-president of CIHAR, the ambassador of the Arab League, Bachar Yaghi, among other speakers. Here is a summary by TV program MEDINA on RTVE.