Ist Mediterranean Congress : Music and Science (OPEN CALL)


The MCA Foundation opens the conditions of application for the first Mediterranean Congress : Music and Science, the use of the TIC in the post-covid scenario. (27th, 28th and 29th of November)

The first Mediterranean Congress : Music and Science is to be an annual event which gathers the personalities of music and science of the Mediterranean region in addition to create together, year after year, propositions which will can contribute to the social and cultural progress of our societies. The particular choice to combine both disciplines, music with science, in a same congress is based on the fact that both are different expressions of the same discipline: the thought; and also want to gather two worlds methodologically very similar, almost twinned, but socially considered different.

Organised by the MCA Foundation et coordinate by the MCA circle of Sarajevo, the congress is supported by  Mostra Viva del Mediterrani, and its official presentation will take place the 13th of october 2020 simultaneously from Sarajevo and València in the framework of the VIII edition of the MVM Festival with important international personalities in the area of music and science.

Med Congress of Music and Sciences_Nov2020_Program

Med Congress of Music and Sciences_Nov2020_application guidelines



*****Registration and participation FREE*****