FACM Advisory Council and Governing Board meeting | Solidarity in the Mediterranean in the Post-Covid scenario


Solidarity in the Mediterranean in the Post-Covid scenario

The FACM’s advisory council and Governing board met on June 12, 2020 electronically to analyze the situation in the region severely hit by the pandemic. Attendees at the meeting, more than twenty experts from fifteen countries in the region considered as priority points putting health and food on the political agenda as common goods that must be protected as rights.

Similarly, the advisory council has analyzed the scope of the region’s social movements calling for social justice. The pandemic has evidenced the importance of returning to local and sustainable production, and the need for solidarity among peoples as the way to overcome this health emergency that produces strong and negative economic, social and political derivatives such as the ever-increasing precariousness and unemployment, especially among women and youth.

The Advisory Council has debated about the theme, the dates and the place where the IX FACM Meeting will be held. We remember that the last Meeting took place in Barcelona, in November 2019, and focused on the situation of youth in the Mediterranean.

Despite the emergency context, the FACM has continued to act as a network for dialogue, proposals and citizen action, as the FACM President, Mr. Vicent Garcés, has pointed out. During the meeting, the message of support from the Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly (APM) arrived, designating FACM as the only civil society entity with a presence on the Political Commission of this international organization that represents the parliaments of all the countries of the Mediterranean.