The MCA Foundation has intervened in the 11th General Assembly of ARLEM held in Barcelona on January 22 and 23, 2020.

With the climate crisis as a catalyst for greater cooperation in the
Mediterranean region, the Euro-Mediterranean Local and Regional Assembly
(ARLEM) has celebrated its 10th anniversary in Barcelona with the assistance of
more than 100 institutional, local and civil society representatives. The MCAF
has made its contributions available to the presents regarding the agri-food
transition in the Mediterranean and the role of citizenship in its achievement. Read more
about the ARLEM 2020 plenary.

In his addressing to the attendees, the president of the MCA Foundation, Vicent Garcés has indicated that one of the objectives of the MCA Foundation is to advance the integration of the Mediterranean peoples, which is an essential tool to overcome the situations of economic and social inequality that exist between the 3 shores of the Mediterranean and within the countries.

“It is not possible to integrate the peoples of the Mediterranean without the conscious commitment of the Mediterranean citizenship. We have just made a meeting in Barcelona 2 months ago where more than 100 young people from all over the Mediterranean participated and expressed their concerns about the current situation, the necessary mobility between the different countries, concerns about the conversion of the Mediterranean into a cemetery, their concerns for the political and economic systems that do not improve the living conditions of the peoples.

There were young people from Beirut and Algiers who explained how the commitment of youth has become a vanguard and engine of change so that political systems are democratized and economic systems changed to improve living conditions”, he said.

MCAF, which is celebrating its 10 aniversary, was born when the Barcelona process ended and began its journey the Union for the Mediterranean. “Many of the objectives that both the Barcelona Process and the UfM were set are yet to be achieved, and it is essential to be attentive to the demands with quick answers. To finish, one last suggestion to the local and regional authorities present and to the ARLEM plenary: DON’T FORGET THE CITIZENSHIP”.

Read more about the ARLEM 11th Plenary