We, young citizens from the Mediterranean region, participants at the MCA Foundation VIII Meeting, declare that we are responsible to build our future, with other generations, who will inspire and support us. It is our duty but also our right. There is an emergency: we want and we have to do politics in another way in order to build more just societies.

Our lack of trust is growing and gaps as well, between rich and poor, leaders and citizens. Our future has to be built inclusively and be based on universal values including solidarity, dignity, for all, with a particular focus on women and environment.

Within this framework, youths, who are interconnected, notably through social media and their linkages with diaspora, who are taking initiatives, want to have, to find and to create development opportunities, fostering new approaches such as fair trade and social economy.

The current systems have to be revised and focused on social justice, with equity measures, particularly when it comes to education and employment. We want our mobility, internally and regionally, to become a right and a universal reality. We do not want walls and fortresses, we want solidarity among all of us, persons in situations of exile and local populations contributing to the sustainable development of our region.

When youths getting involved into social movements and revolutions, while they are legitimately protesting against inequalities, in our region and all over the world, we call upon all Mediterranean citizens to support us with solidarity and understanding. It is the sum of our local mobilizations which will bring, in our region, the necessary changes, at the global political, economic and environmental levels.

Finally, we urge the Mediterranean citizens, coming from a region where multiple civilizations were born, to join us. We want to make possible another Mediterranean region based on dignity, humanity and solidarity.

We encourage the MCA Foundation to continue its commitment to Mediterranean citizenship through a network of dialogues, proposals and actions that accompany the drivers of change represented by the youth in Mediterranean.

Barcelona, November 9, 2019.