Ending impunity for the State of Israel | Statement by the ACM Palestine Circle

Foto: M Khana (AFP)

Statement by the ACM Circle of Palestine

In front of the new human tragedy unfolding in Palestine characterized by the death of 63 civilians, among them 8 children and more than 2790 wounded victims of bullets of the Israeli occupation army while they were demonstrating peacefully in Gaza, the circle of Palestine of the Mediterranean Citizens’ Assembly Foundation (FACM) calls on the international community to condemn with the utmost firmness this new crime against humanity.

It is essential today to designate those responsible for this conflagration. The United States, through the Trump Administration, must be pinned for its support for the Israeli government’s segregationist and violent policies. The recent move of the US embassy to Jerusalem is another political move of provocation that could only cause new tensions in the region. The reaction of the Israeli government to Palestinian protests is abject and deadly. It follows the Israeli government’s policy of systematic annexation, colonization, isolation, embargo and intimidation.

This has disastrous consequences for the Palestinian population, both in the West Bank and Gaza, where the population is locked up in what can only be called an open-air prison.

History has shown it clearly: the war has never solved anything and it will not solve anything. Salvation will inexorably pass through international law and, above all, by its respect. But for decades Israel has scorned it. Its policy of colonization of the Palestinian territories is thus illegal.

For the Palestine ACM Circle, it is time for cease the impunity of the State of Israel. The international community, in particular the European Union and the United Nations, must condemn and, above all, put an end to Israel’s policy of aggression and occupation in the Palestinian territories and recognize the existence of the State of Palestine as soon as posible, comply with international law.

Photo: Menahem Khana (AFP)