6th MCA Meeting – 2015, Tirana (ALBANIA)

Tirana, Albania|23-26 July 2015

FACM Tirana

The sixth meeting of the Mediterranean Citizens’ Assembly took place in Tirana, Albania, from 23 to 26 July 2015 and marked the end of this first stage of building a citizen network in the Mediterranean. It brought together more than 50 participants from 24 MCA circles and 19 Mediterranean countries, with the support of the Tirana City Council. The aim of this meeting was to take stock of the past five years, to establish a debate between the circles on the second stage of the MCA and to make proposals for its future.

Each of these meetings made it possible, by the nature of its participants and by its contents, which was the object of memories, to express the richness and diversity of Mediterranean citizenship.  A large number of themes emerged from proposals, recommendations and declarations, in order to move towards a Mediterranean community of peoples in a Mediterranean of peace and prosperity.