4th MCA Meeting – 2013, Istanbul (TURKEY)

21st-24th November | Istanbul, Turkey

Diversity within a shared space in the Mediterranean


The events that occurred since the beginning of 2011  in the north, south and the east of the Mediterranean region showed the determination of the citizens to assume their future on the long run.

This fourth Assembly has gathered 150 citizens from all countries of the Mediterranean, including representatives of various institutions and public entities present in the Mediterranean.

The meeting will has been organised around four agoras on the challenges raised by the various conflicts in the Mediterranean and the citizen’s perspectives for the future of the region. This has allowed an open, plural and rich dialogue between all the participants, with the aim to elaborate collectively concrete propositions for the future. The vision of the Turkish citizenship on the Mediterranean and its conflicts has also been  central during the meeting.


Final program

Participants list

Declarations of the Advisory Council