The MCAF presents the “Guide: a proposal for the inclusion of migrants and refugees: childhood and youth”


The MCAF presents the “Guide: a proposal for the inclusion of migrants
and refugees: childhood and youth”

The MCA Foundation has prepared the “Guide: a proposal for the inclusion of
migrants and refugees: childhood and youth” which is a proactive project, with
the participation of migrants and refugees, focused on children and youth in
contexts of migration and forced displacement, as a priority element, within the so-
called “migration crisis” or humanitarian tragedy that affects the Euro-
Mediterranean region. In this “guide” those who have the leading role and the floor
are those who usually never have it: migrants and refugees.

It is a publication that gathers good inclusion practices from the perspective
of the refugees themselves who have participated in the project, and which may
be used by public administrations, civil organizations and institutions, among
others. The initiative has had the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
European Union and Cooperation, the ReFAL (Spanish Network of the Anna Lindh
Foundation), with the collaboration of institutions such as the Valencia City Council
and the University of Valencia, as well as the participation of organizations and
associations that are involved in the care of migrants or refugees.

Based on the orientation of entities that are dedicated to the care of these people,
the MCA Foundation was forming a team of 14 refugees following criteria such as
parity, geographical diversity and situations in order to achieve representativeness
of cases. Subsequently, through interviews and debate meetings, the group was
able to reach the conclusions contained in this guide. The collaboration of
migration experts, as well as representatives of the main organizations that work
directly or are involved in the care of refugees who have provided their guidance
and knowledge has been fundamental. Everyone, refugees and a group of experts
have selflessly cooperated in this Project with great collective energy.

We thank all the entities that participated in the preparation of this guide: United
Nations Agency for Refugees(UNHCR), Casal dels Infants del Raval, Refugee
Reception Center (CAR) of Mislata, MCA Circle of Alicante, MCA Circle of
Nador, Spanish Comittee for Refugee Assistance (CEAR), Red Cross,
Socialmed Festival, Diagrama Foundation, SOM LLAR Foundation, Horizon For
Syrians, Human Rights Institute of the University of Valencia, Movement for
Peace (MPLP), Save the Children, Orientation Service of the Generalitat
Valenciana, UNICEF, University of Valencia.

This Guide was presented in Valencia, within the framework of the Mediterranean
Human Rights Festival, SOCIALMED 2023 on April 21 with a debate and the presence
of Vicent Garcés, president of MCAF, Esther Mamadou, Head of the Asylum Program
of the Movement for Peace, Angela Nzambi, CEAR Volunteering and Advocacy
Technician, Andrés Perelló, General Director of Casa Mediterráneo, Manolo Rodríguez,
director of the Expert Diploma in Mediterranean Societies: citizenship and
sociopolitical changes in the Mediterranean of the University of Valencia, and Samuel
Sebastián, director of the SocialMed Festival.



The Project has been developed between the months of January and April 2023 and
will follow the principles and values included in the 2030 Agenda, providing reflections
and responses to the challenges posed in the sustainable development goals, such as
facing the challenge associated with strengthening the social cohesion and creating
more inclusive strategies in Spain, but also learning from other host countries in the
Euro-Mediterranean space.

Guide in PDF: MCAF Guide online

Video presentation of the project: