ACM Foundation expands its Advisory Council with the incorporation of two experts in the field of gender, youth and municipal policies


The FACM has expanded its Advisory Council with the incorporation of Dr. NEVILA XHINDI, Professor at the Mediterranean University of Albania and expert in Human Geography and more specifically in “migrations, planning and development” and in Regional Development: Educational Policies and Comparative Studies. She has actively contributed to Albanian public life through social and political activism. Xhindi is the author of numerous publications and is part of the European Network of Political Science Researchers. She is one of the founders of the FACM Circle of Tirana.
Ms. Dima Alarqan, Head of Programs of the Palestinian International Cooperation Agency PICA, and a staff member of the Department of Strategic Planning and International Relations of the Municipality of Hebron also joins the Advisory Council of the FACM. She is a member of the FACM Palestine circle. The contributions of the two experts, with extensive experience in the field of gender and youth, will be decisive in strengthening the lines of action of the FACM in the Mediterranean.