VIII Meeting MCAF : “Youth in Mediterranean”


All ready for the VIII Meeting of the ACM Foundation “YOUTH IN MEDITERRANEAN” that will gather between November 7 – 10 in Barcelona more than 120 participants from 26 ACM Circles constituted in 18 Mediterranean countries: Albania, Algeria, Belgium, Bosnia , Cyprus, Croatia, Egypt, Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Lebanon, Morocco, Montenegro, Palestine, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey.
The ACM circles participants are: Alexandria, Aleppo, Algiers, Barcelona, Beirut, Cairo, Casablanca, Istanbul, Izmir, Larache, Marseille, Nador, Nicosia, Nice, Naples, Oran, Podgorica, Rabat, Ramallah, Rome, Sarajevo, Thessaly, Tirana, Tunisia, Valencia and Zagreb.

The VIII MCAF Meeting  proposes a great debate in freedom, open to young people from all over the Mediterranean, to public institutions, to civil society and experts, without distinction of origin, creed, culture or legal status, to capture the situation of youth in the Mediterranean countries and offer proposals to overcome the situation. The MCA Foundation promotes a community of the peoples of the Mediterranean that extends its hand to its future, its youth.

“The “citizen diplomacy” as a factor of peace and understanding among the Mediterranean peoples. It is time to launch a great civil movement to encourage political institutions to put the issue of youth in the Mediterranean at the center of their agendas and urgently. Only in this way will we advance in social justice by opening a future for youth, nowadays without horizons of progress”, has said MCAF Foundation president, Vicent Garcés.

Distributed in discussion groups in the form of agora, participants will address issues such as culture and identity; economy, mobility and climate change; empowerment and citizenship; and new technologies and democracy in the Mediterranean.

In addition to young people from the entire Mediterranean basin, experts and institutions and organisatios of reference have been invited to gather the VIII MCAF Meeting : the Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly (APM), the Generalitat de Catalunya, the City Council of Barcelona, the Institut Europeu de la Mediterrània (IEMED), the European Economic and Social Council (EESC), the Euro-Mediterranean Local and Regional Assembly, the Institut européen de recherche sur la coopération méditerranéenne et euro-arabe (MEDEA) the International Documentation Center from Barcelona (CIDOB), the Catalan Youth Agency, the Spanish Refugee Assistance Committee (CEAR), MedCités (Mediterranean Cities Network), the Spanish Network of the Anna Lindh Foundation, among others. As experts, a broad representation of the MCA Foundation Advisory Board , including the message to the youth by the honorary member of the same, the philosopher Edgar Morin.

This great meeting is supported by Barcelona City Council; the Generalitat of Catalunya; the European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMED) and Fondation Charles Léopold Meyer pour le Progrés de l’Homme (FPH).