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Call the emergence of a Mediterranean community of peoples. Since 2008, a group of citizens and citizens of the Mediterranean have committed themselves to actively participate in the emergence of a Mediterranean community of peoples.

By signing this call, you affirm their desire to participate in building a common area and sustainable peace, development, solidarity and shared prosperity among the peoples of the Mediterranean.

By becoming a signatory, you will be informed periodically of the progress of the process, and will be invited to take an active part.


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Nombre | first name *Apellidos | last name *Organización | OrganizationPaís | country *Ciudad | city *
Poumerol Jérémi Belgique Schaerbeek
Liliana Schiffer Associazione Peripli Italia Salerno
Bassel Kaghadou Citizenship League, CL Lebanon Beirut
Martina Battista Peripli Italia Napoli
abdelhamid bakli Capcowork Algerie Alger
Enrique Gaspar Rodríguez Nexos-Alianza , Instituto Seda España España Madrid
**** **** **** ES VALENCIA
Elias BERIATOS University of Thessaly, Greece Greece Volos- Athens
**** **** **** tunisie tunis
Sassi Chiraze ACM Cercle de Marseille France Marseille

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