VIDEO: Heritage and Citizenship. Destruction, reconstruction, conservation of memories and citizen participation


MARIA DONZELLI, President of Peripli and member of the MCAF Governing Board and Advisory CouncilDear friends, members and supporters of “Peripli” and MCA Foundation,

“We are pleased to send you the videos related to the Conference on Heritage and Citizenship. Destruction, reconstruction, conservation of memories and citizen participation, held in Naples on 4 and 5 October 2019, in the Chapter Hall of the monumental complex of S. Domenico Maggiore. The Conference was organized in collaboration with the Foundation of the Assembly of Citizens of the Mediterranean (FACM) based in Valencia (Spain), with the French Association of Mediterranean Cities AVEC, with the Municipality of Naples, with the Department of Literary, Linguistic and Comparative Studies of the “l’Orientale” University and with the Curia of Naples.

Video resume of 22 hours of the Conference : « Heritage and Citizenship. Destruction, reconstruction, preservation of the memory and the citizens participation, celebrate in Naples the 4th and 5th of October 2019 »

Long version


It has obtained the patronage of UNESCO, the Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly, the Consulate of Portugal and the Consulate of France, in Naples.
These videos summarize about 22 hours of the conference and give an idea of the intertwining of the Mediterranean heritage preserved in Naples and those of nine other countries in the Mediterranean area, in relation to the life and history of their citizens.
The Conference was a happy moment of harmony, sharing and discussion between the representatives of the institutions and countries presents and contributed to achieving one of the main objectives of our Association: the construction of a consciousness of Mediterranean citizenship. We hope to be able to offer still other opportunities for this kind of meeting in the years to come.
We would like to remind you that, in collaboration with the FACM, the meeting in Naples has produced an itinerant project in various countries of the Mediterranean area. In 2021, a meeting on the theme of Heritage and citizenship is expected in Larissa, Greece. This event is already in preparation.”