MCA Foundation receives in Athens the 2019 prize by the Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly (PAM)


The Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly (PAM) has decided to award its 2019 Annual Prize to the Mediterranean Citizens’ Assembly Foundation (FACM) coinciding with their 10 years of collaboration. The PAM brings together representatives of the Parliaments of all the mediterranean countries. MCA Foundation is a PAM observer member.

The PAM has highlighted the close collaboration with the MCAF, with the shared objective of moving towards a community of Mediterranean peoples, promoting democratic values ​​of freedom, peace and respect for cultural diversity and environmental responsibility. The PAM has remarked that civil society plays a crucial role in the region for dialogue, cooperation, social cohesion and coexistence in diversity.

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The awards ceremony has been held in Athens, on Friday, February 21, 2020, in the framework of the 14th PAM Plenary Session held in the Parliament of Greece, with the assistance of parliamentary representations from all Mediterranean countries .
The MCAF president, Vicent Garcés, who has received the award, said that “it is not possible to integrate the peoples of the Mediterranean without the conscious commitment of the citizens of the Mediterranean.” The MCA Foundation is celebrating 10 years of existence these days.

The MCA Foundation has just held a few weeks ago a meeting in Barcelona on Youth in the Mediterranean in which a representation of the PAM has participated. Youth has become the vanguard and engine of change for the democratization of political systems and economic changes to improve the living conditions of citizens.

“The PAM Prize to the MCA Foundation has the special meaning of being delivered from a network of parliamentary institutions to a Mediterranean network of civil society that promotes the firm message of: DON’T FORGET THE CITIZENSHIP,” said the president of the MCA Foundation.

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