The MCA Foundation will receive on February 8 in Sarajevo the traditional “Sloboda” prize awarded each year by the International Center for Peace in the framework of the legendary Sarajevo Winter Festival. This recognition aims to highlight the contribution to the defense of freedoms and human rights of institutions, entities and individuals.

Some of the winners of the Sloboda prize in previous editions have been the citizenship of Sarajevo for their defense of civil rights and freedoms during the siege; the city of Rome and the government of Italy for the project of Museum of Contemporary Art of Sarajevo Ars Aevi; Pope Francis, the Academy of Sciences and Letters of Bosnia and Herzegovina, thegovernments of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia and Serbia for the nomination of the Stećak monument to the UNESCO World Heritage List; The European Parliament to which the construction of a modern and open Europe is left in legacy, facing the challenges of the migration crisis and global conflicts; the Shanghai Art Festival for the project 16 1 – Silk Road and the New Delhi Festival, among others.

Coinciding with this special award, the MCAF will hold its first meeting of the Balkan regional pole, with the participation of the MCA circles of Thessaly, Podgorica, Zagreb, Tirana and Sarajevo. The program is completed with the organization of the exhibition “La mar d’I.lustrades” a selection of female illustrators and visual artists from the Mediterranean basin. This exhibition was shown at the Mostra Viva del Mediterrani Festival in its 2019 edition. Twinning of cultures with the MCAF motto: Towards a Mediterranean Community of Peoples. 

The program of the Sarajevo Winter Festival is now available: